Friday, 12 March 2010

Idol: Susan Downey

She might be more widely known as The Woman Who Saved Robert Downey Jr., and admittedly that's how I got to be familiar with her, but Susan Downey is such a star in her own right.

Downey was hired by producer-extraordinaire Joel Silver to work for his company, and she became central to the development and success of the then-fledgling Dark Castle Entertainment, the genre-film baby company of Silver Pictures. Having left Silver Pictures last year, she and Robert Downey Jr are rumoured to be close to signing a first-look deal with Warner Brothers, which could see them truly cemented as a Hollywood power couple.

It's not often that a female producer of popular films gets the kind of attention that Susan Downey does, and it's refreshing to see her celebrated for her success. That she makes populist, fun, genre movies makes her all the more admirable, in an industry that tends to celebrate women making romcoms and little else. She produced two of my favourite films of 2009 - Orphan and Sherlock Holmes - as well as some classic guilty pleasures like Ghost Ship. Personally, if I see Susan Downey's name attached to a project, it gives me good reason to be excited for it.

Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce :: Telephone

Lady Gaga's 9-minute extravaganza video for Telephone (featuring Beycone) premiered today, after weeks of hype-building.

Lady Gaga once again presents a visual overload, full of pop culture, fashion and art. Taking inspiration from the Tarantino-brand of rehashed exploitation pictures - the video even features the Pussy Wagon - Gaga chews up expectation and spits it back out in lurid detail. Gaga's world is full of women, men, manly women, womanly men, fat, thin, old and young. With her videos, she's not only empowering women, she's empowering the queer. While she might be working within the constraints of a creative industry that has it's emphasis on industry and not creative, her output consistently champions non-conformity.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

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"Look at my brains!"
~ Hannah Neurotica: WiHRM Manifesto